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As the night progresses, we watch a half-dozen undercover johns pull into the alley with prostitutes of all shapes and sizes on the passenger side.
A few of the women already in custody begin to shout, usually proclaiming their innocence, but the alley remains mostly quiet.
"We're lucky," one officer says. "They're behaving themselves pretty good. Sometimes, you get one that's riled up and it can get pretty ugly."
We ask Detective Dan whether he agrees with some who say that prostitution should be legalized or allowed to go on in a "red-light district?"
"I understand why people say that, but I'm not for legalizing anything that isn't a betterment to society," he says. "That's a question you hear with all the vices. Why don't we legalize drugs, gambling and prostitution?
"Well, as you legalize it, you've got to regulate it. Think about all that would go into the regulation and compliance and overseeing these women and the millions of dollars you're going to spend on that.
"You're not going to take away the illegal activity. When gambling was legalized in this state, they created an entire Wisconsin gaming commission to oversee the dog tracks, the casinos and the lottery. We spend millions of dollars on that, so we don't have any illegal gambling in Wisconsin, right? Don't fool yourself. You can go to your local tavern and play a slot machine or put down a bet on a football game.
"If you go to Nevada, prostitution is legal everywhere but it's not in the city limits of Las Vegas. Well, there is an inch of hookers' full-page ads in the Vegas phone book. Every casino has hookers in it and they're walking down the streets.
"The way I look at it, you're not going to eliminate illegal stuff, so what are you going to gain?
"People who talk about putting (a red-light district) down in the Third Ward or in the valley; well, who wants to live over there? A lot of people want to legalize it, but they don't want to live next to it.
"I don't know the answer. I just know that as long as it's illegal, we're going to be out there trying to stop it."
Recent Conversations.
Prostitution Areas in Toronto.
Taha A. North York, ON 0 friends 3 reviews.
Okay, So one Saturday late night, I took a drive around Toronto to see how my Toronto's downtown area is in the dead of night. I drove past Jarvis Street and apparently I got shocked (and scared) to see hookers waiting at a street corner at 2am on a Saturday night. all alone and standing there like prey :-O . One came up to my car, and I declined (it was a scary experience).
Stephanie C. Toronto, ON 254 friends 290 reviews.
Yeah, that's one area. I'm not sure if it stretches all along Jarvis but near Wellesley, there are some.
Toronto doesn't have a red light district but a lot of them are based there. Also a lot of them are trannies working as prostitutes.
Christine C. Etobicoke, ON 305 friends 155 reviews.
Spend a lot of time driving around these particular hoods at this time of night? Hmmmmm. sure your name isn't John?
Danielle E. Toronto, ON 176 friends 93 reviews.
This thread cracks me up, I live right around these areas, and as I came home at 3:00am last night was astonished by the sheer number of them. Spreading from Moss Park all the way up to Bloor. It was busy busy busy last night.
Zahir P. Scarborough, ON 26 friends 27 reviews.
Danielle, when you say "spreading" you mean geographically, right?
Dishan W. Brampton, ON 251 friends 496 reviews Elite ’18.
I had to go looking for a gas pump over this last spring on Jarvis and (I think) Wellesley/Carlton and pulled up to one thinking it was operational and found out that it was closed (this was around 1am) and a definite prostitute just materialized right in front of my parked car and shocked the hell out of me.
Eye contact was made and swiftly awerted, I'm glad she got the hint.
Tony F. Toronto, ON 224 friends 441 reviews Elite ’18.
@Danielle: stay outta Moss Park or Allen Park at night. A buddy of mine (who's 6'2 and about 210) and his girlfriend got mugged there a decade ago.. and well.. it's a well known spot for problems at night. I grew up playing tennis and baseball at that field.
Kat F. Toronto, ON 423 friends 996 reviews.
Tony F. Toronto, ON 224 friends 441 reviews Elite ’18.
I was going to reference Hooker Harvey's! LoL.
Payam Z. Toronto, ON 208 friends 416 reviews Elite ’18.
Are you new to the city?
Paul S. Toronto, ON 76 friends 57 reviews.
Any city at 2:00 AM can be a little scary, but Toronto? One need not look any further than the back pages of 'Now' or 'Eye Weekly' to find hookers these days.
Min Min T. Waterloo, ON 74 friends 356 reviews.
I used to work at one of the schools near Victoria Park Station. The principle told me that there was a big school bus that dropped off the prostitutes at night and then pick them up before sunrise. Obviously I've never seen them and would not be in that area at that time of day, but that's another area for pickups – near Kingston Road in the east end.

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At the center of the story is Grace Marks (Ashley Neal in a remarkably controlled yet vulnerable performance devoid of any shred of artifice). She was just 16 years old, and working as a domestic at the beautiful Canadian estate of the dashing bachelor Thomas Kinnear (an aptly smug and seductive Drew Vidal) and his housekeeper-mistress, Nancy Montgomery (Maura Kidwell, who makes jealousy palpable), when, along with James McDermott (fiery David Raymond), an Irish stable boy, she was accused of the brutal murder of both Kinnear and Montgomery.
Ayssette Munoz (from left) plays Mary Whitney, with Amro Salama as Jeremiah and Ashley Neal as Grace Marks in “Alias Grace,” at Rivendell Theatre. (Photo: Michael Brosilow)
Now, many years later, Grace has been transferred from a harsh prison to a supposedly more enlightened facility that is being championed by the socially prominent, controlling (and unhappily married) Mrs. Rachel Lavell (Jane Baxter Miller is haughty privilege and villainy personified). Lavell has lured the young, distinguished, handsome and Laudanum-addicted Dr. Simon Jordan (the ever-superb Steve Haggard, in a performance that brings a wonderfully unstable charge to the stage) to test out his “talk therapy” technique on Grace, who has long claimed she has no memory of the events surrounding the double murder.
It gradually becomes quite clear that few of the people in Grace’s past, as well as in her current situation, are without their own twisted motives and obsessions — a fact that puts any definitive assessment of her guilt or innocence intriguingly up for grabs. She is unquestionably the victim of many traumatic circumstances. She might also be suffering from mental illness.
In flashbacks we see the naive but exceptionally smart and observant young Grace attracted by the attentions of McDermott, Kinnear and a visiting American peddler, Jeremiah (Amro Salama, an inspired charlatan), who wants her to become his partner in an illusionist’s act. Kinnear’s attention to Grace clearly riles Nancy, and she also detests the rambunctious James. And like all women of her time and station, Grace is terrified of becoming pregnant, losing her job and ending up on the street as a prostitute. She also is profoundly traumatized by the death from an abortion of her more worldly and beloved friend, Mary Whitney (the high-spirited Ayssette Munoz).
In the present we see even more corruption as Lavell wields her power over Dr. Jordan, as Jordan becomes erotically drawn to Grace, and as lust as well as money and power games corrupt serious science.
Elvia Moreno’s tomb-like scenic design (with lighting by Michael Mahlum), along with Janice Pytel’s class-defining costumes, suggest the eerily gothic yet sadly realistic worlds in which Grace (and all her possible selves) dwell. Chilling.
One final note: On Oct. 11, Atwood will be honored in Chicago with the Carl Sandburg Literary Award, presented by the Chicago Public Library Foundation and Chicago Public Library. “Alias Grace” runs through Oct. 15, and it can only be hoped that the author makes a stop at Rivendell to catch this disturbing, finely rendered interpretation of her work.
Steve Haggard plays Dr. Simon Jordan and Jane Baxter Miller is Mrs. Rachel Lavell in the Rivendell Theatre production of “Alias Grace.” (Photo: Michael Brosilow)
Salma Hayek’s 10 sexiest roles (PHOTOS & VIDEO)
That’s basically what the trailer for Salma Hayek’s new movie Americano made me scream this morning. She’s starring as a Tijuana stripper and prostitute who just happens to be incredibly gorgeous and in amazing shape. Can you believe this mami is actually 45 years old?! I sure can’t.
I remember seeing her famous snake dance in From Dusk Till Dawn 16 years ago… and honestly, her body looks just as incredible today as it did then. Not only is the Salma gorgeous, she has an adorable little girl and billionaire husband, can act, direct and produce and she’s flaunting her amazing body! If I didn’t love her so much.
This definitely isn’t the first time she’s baring (almost) all for a role. Take a look at Salma Hayek’s 10 sexiest roles of the past and join me in my amazement. I hope I look half as good when I’m 45!
What do you think of Salma in the trailer for Americano? What’s your favorite sexy look of hers in the movies? Share with us in the comments below!
Image via MPI Films.
Image via MPI Films.
Well, I haven’t seen this drama yet. but doesn’t Salma look AMAZING? She plays Lola and her 45-year-old body has never looked better.
‘Significant’ Increase in Prostitution Rings in Damascus and Countryside: Attorney General.
The top prosecutor in the Damascus countryside confirmed that there has been a significant increase in the number of prostitution rings in the area.
Attorney general Maher al-Albi said in comments to the Al-Watan newspaper, which is close to the regime, on Wednesday that poverty and the population density in some areas of Damascus and its countryside were the basic factor for the spread of prostitution.

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